Before you Act… Plan!

I believe in doing everything for a reason.  Avoid action without purpose.  Far too many of us run our lives on auto-pilot.  STOP!  Take a moment to think about your overall objective when engaging in anything that involves a significant amount of effort.  Life is too short to go on aimlessly without direction or a plan.  Like the game of chess, a game my father taught me many years ago, you must plan your moves.  This is is why I consider strategy one of the four pillars in business success.

Sometime in my twenties I made a commitment to never do anything without a reason.  I suppose this was my first step in understanding the importance of planning.  Although I was far from doing things correctly I at least committed to doing things for a reason.  I was always a perfectionist, although rarely perfect, so this mindset fit right in line with my natural state of doing things right and accurately.

In terms of business, strategy must play a big part in the very early stages of any well-worth venture. Throughout my career and business dealings it was clear that whenever I took the time to strategize and plan my moves the chances of receiving the expected results from my efforts increased dramatically versus when I just shot from the hip and simply “winged it” hoping I would just naturally succeed through luck and chance.  So let me help you avoid the expensive lesson which so many before have made.  Take all the necessary time to strategize your best efforts by knowing clearly your objectives and implementing action plans that are in line and can bring you closer to your goals!

Keep in mind, however, although strategy is an integral part of success, do not over-think your plan. There is also a danger of “paralysis by analysis” meaning you spend too much time thinking and far less time doing.  So be precise and concise… Plan your Action… then ACT quickly to achieve them.

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