The Leader Within…

For as long as I can remember I was always attracted to people who demonstrated influence and leadership.  This reminds me of my childhood… I loved superheroes growing up.  How they would show up in times of danger or calamities and save people and stop eminent destruction.  They had super powers and extraordinary abilities.  I wanted to be that and I yearned for the feeling to be acknowledged for doing good or helping people.  Needless to say, I don’t have super powers, I can’t fly nor can I move objects with my mind or have x-ray vision. I did however believe I had a higher purpose.  That I possessed in me a talent or a skill that was more than the “average” person.

It took many years of personal challenges and at the age of 25 I began my journey to discover my passion for leadership and personal growth.  I had many mentors throughout the past 15 years and through their teachings I have developed my own basic core beliefs which now guide me throughout my life.  These core beliefs embody my essence as a contributing individual in God’s great universe.

Whether I am building a new business or developing the team surrounding me, I have made leadership a part of their identity.  I believe that we all have our calling and our strengths and abilities that bring out the best in us.  Leadership allows you the opportunity to summon those God given abilities and strengths.  It is through understanding oneself and remembering to fill your own bucket first before others that you will find the inner strength to inspire and influence your world in a positive and effective way.

Once you understand, although this is a life-long journey, how to achieve your maximum potential it is only then that you will see doors open before you that were once closed or even unknown to you. Helping my team achieve this state of consciousness is my number one priority.  I have found that a great business is not in the product or service, it is in the people in which you invest in.  It is in the leadership that have bought into the companies mission, vision, values and beliefs that will carry the company to long-term success.  It is in the investment of time and training to develop exceptional leadership that will make the difference in your company versus your competition.

I will make this statement very clear.  Leadership is not something you are born with.  It is a skill like any other and it can be learned.  It must be learned.  Far too many people run their lives on auto-pilot. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that being a leader requires you to lead other people… That actually is just a bi-product of the journey.  The leadership I am referring to is actually self-leadership.  It’s the first step.  Get your people to develop self-leadership and they will prove to be your greatest asset.  Once you demonstrate the power of this teaching you will see your company transform into an unshakable force.  Start the journey and the opportunities are boundless.

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