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Jonathan Engalla is a Filipino-American Internet Veteran

Technology Consultant, and Business Strategist with over 20 years of progressive experience in the areas of IT, Web and Digital Marketing.  He has defined himself as an Information Technology Venture Strategist within the Corporate Communications space, a rapidly evolving industry sector that is engaged in the production and distribution of content designed to entertain, inform and connect people throughout the world.

Engalla is best known for his roles as Co-Founder/Owner of Enko & Associates a MEGA Real Estate Team under Keller Williams Realty, CEO/Team Leader of Keller Williams Benchmark Properties a 180+ agent real estate brokerage, and lastly as COO/Co-Founder of 9Dotstrategies a full service web and digital communications marketing firm.  Recently moving to Makati City, Philippines in 2010 Engalla has made significant strides in establishing his presence locally and in throughout Southeast Asia.  2014 marks the beginning of Engalla’s 4th year outside of the US and is quickly becoming a well-known industry expert and strategist within the Southeast Asia region.

Early Life and Education

Engalla was born in Manila, Philippines on September 5, 1973. He was raised in Antipolo, Rizal until he was 7 years old. In 1981, he and his parents, Wilfredo and Trinidad Engalla, along with his 3 sisters, Aina, Patricia and Carla migrated to San Lorenzo, California. Over the next several years Engalla’s family relocated a few a times throughout the Bay Area.  They finally settled into the  hills of Hayward, California where Engalla attended school and played basketball, a sport his father taught him to play.

All throughout Engalla’s childhood his father always demonstrated an interest in electronics.  His father was renowned as the video camera guy, lugging all this heavy equipment to all of Engalla’s basketball games and family events making sure to capture every single moment on film, whether it was on a video camera or his canon film SLR with detachable lenses!  It was very common to see pictures of Engalla’s father standing behind the crowd with a large video camera over shoulder as he was filming.  A CPA by trade, Engalla’s father, purchased their first computer, a Sanyo MBC-550, in 1986.  Engalla still remembers his awe as his father opened the gigantic box and began assembling the bubble wrapped components.  It was during that time that Engalla’s father first started to learn how to program.  Engalla’s father was also a gamer and distinctly remembers his father’s obsession with mastering Pacman on the Atari 2600.  Each night after work his father would spend endless hours learning the game pattern until ultimately winning the game.

In the beginning of the year 1991, Engalla’s father, Wilfredo, after being misdiagnosed for nearly 5 years, took x-rays that finally revealed adenocarcinoma of the lung, a type of lung cancer. Unfortunately by then, his father’s condition had progressed to a point that it was inoperable.  Later that year, at the beginning of Engalla’s senior year in High School, his father fell victim to the disease and passed away.

Engalla, following his father’s footsteps,  discovered his passion and interest for technology in 1997 when he learned how to build and network computers out of their home in Hayward, California.  Using spare parts, floppy disk installers, and late nights of trial and error, he was able to emulate an office environment which allowed 5 computers to share files and resources. This proved to be the beginning of a life long interest in all things technology-based…

Early Career – Corporate America

In 1999, Engalla fell in love with his soul mate, Angelica Yusi Guintu. He asked for her hand in marriage only 11 months later and they were married on September 17, 2000 at St. John’s Parish in San Lorenzo, California.

With new found inspiration and a purpose, Engalla was able to land his first IT job at Exodus Communications in Santa Clara, California, a domain hosting and server co-location service provider. It was during that time that Engalla learned how to build websites. He combined his passion for basketball and the need to improve the way communication was distributed in the leagues and tournaments he participated in and offered to provide a service to the league and tournament commissioners of the Filipino-American Basketball Community. Initially it was a simple website which posted game schedules for the following week. It then evolved to game statistics and results. Then soon after, articles and a message board for the community to interact. Between 2001 and 2002, the small community of players, coaches and patrons of filambasketball.com grew to vibrant and interactive community of several thousand. Although this website is currently inactive, it was clear to all the members that this was their first experience of what we call a social network today.

In 2002, after surviving several waves of lay-offs during the dot-com-bubble bust, and after being promoted to Network Security Engineer, Engalla was finally laid off from his employment at Exodus Communications.  Being Engalla’s first corporate job it was a bitter memory knowing how quickly tides can turn when you do not control your own destiny.  Engalla committed to himself to never again be in that position.

Enko & Associates

By 2003, Engalla reinvented himself and began his career in Real Estate. He and his wife Angelica joined Prudential California Realty, in Union City, California, where they became the top selling agents within the first 6 months. By the end of 2003, team Engalla left Prudential and joined Keller Williams Benchmark Properties in Fremont, California along with their colleague Lawrence Ko who they partnered with and formed Enko & Associates.

Enko & Associates became one of the largest and top grossing real estate teams in the Northern California Region and continued to be a leader from 2003-2008.

Keller Williams Realty

In 2007, Engalla took on the prestigious role of Team Leader/CEO for the Keller Williams Benchmark Properties’ Market Center in Fremont, California, an exclusive opportunity only offered to a select group of 700 taken from a pool of 85,000 agents throughout the North America, including Canada.  His combined experience in sales, leadership and technology made Engalla a top Team Leader within the system.  He quickly gained recognition as a technology leader and a social media expert.

During the same period from 2007-2010 Engalla began introducing the concept of outsourcing and virtual assistants to his industry.  He led many discussions and seminars offering consultation and services that would improve the efficiency of the real estate professional.

In 2010, Engalla was presented an opportunity to reunite with his true passion and engage in a new business venture which would take him to the other side of the world; the Philippines, his homeland.

9Dot Strategies

It’s been nearly 30 years and 30 days since he left, but Engalla finally made his flight back home on October 3rd, 2010.  In collaboration with co-founder and partner Howard Abendaño Guintu, 9Dot Strategies was born on January 11, 2011.

As a marketing company with web development capabilities, 9Dot Strategies is evolving each day.  By using a hybrid model of western and local business values and philosophies, 9Dot is poised to bring a new level of innovation in service and quality.  Believing to be the next generation company in terms of style and quality, 9Dot has made significant strides by providing service to top brands throughout the nation and abroad.


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