Clarity through Consultation

My dad used to shoot with a Canon film SLR in the 1980’s. That was my first exposure to photography.  I was in charge of carrying his bag filled with all the camera’s accessories. He would constantly swap out lenses to get different shots and perspectives. Whenever I could sneak in an opportunity I would play with his camera, without the film of course, and pretended to take photos.  I still remember the nervous feeling I had when I clicked the shutter release for the first time. I was most intrigued by the purpose and function of the various lenses he had.  How one lens provided a wide angle that allowed me to see and capture a broader a view.  While another, the zoom lens, which was my personal favorite, was specifically for taking close-up shots of the subject. What I liked best was watching the blurred image focus and turn crisp and completely clear.  A consultant can provide clarity through consultation because they are able to utilize various perspectives to give focus to areas which need attention.

Consultation works much like the different lenses that my father used. Each lens provides a unique and individual perspective.  If utilized correctly and at the appropriate time, it would produce clear and perfect results. Often times we get so wrapped up in a specific aspect of our business that all we see is what is in front of us.  This would be an ideal time to find a wide angle lens perspective, like a consultant, to provide a different view and provide you clarity through consultation.  It offers you the permission to step back to re-assess your direction before moving forward again.  Other times we find ourselves distant and detached from our team and the daily operations.  Challenged and frustrated at the internal issues, you find yourself unable to identify the root cause that is eating away at the company.  In times like these, it’s best to use a zoom-in perspective, from a consultant, to really uncover and identify the core issues and provide specific resolutions that will improve processes and policies.  Hence, giving you further clarity through consultation.

Lenses are crucial for taking beautiful photographs.  The better lens the clearer the photos are. There are some lenses that have both wide and zoom functions for general photo taking. Consultants with a broad set of expertise also work similarly.  They can provide great perspective and depth of knowledge through experience that spans many industry sectors.  Other consultants are specialized, like a wide or zoom lens specifically made for that function.  They bring a higher level of understanding and focus that is industry-specific.

Consultants can bring clarity through consultation in times when businesses need it most.  So, just as lenses are critical to beautiful photo-taking, consultants are equally important in the art that we call business.

My broad and vast experience with working with literally hundreds of companies, individual business owners, investors, and investment bankers makes me an ideal consultant to assist you and merely every aspect of business.  Whether you are a new business, from the ground up, or an existing firm experiencing common or unique challenges, I am sure we will find common ground to bring us mutual benefit.  My open and comprehensive approach to understanding your needs is the difference between simply discussing your problems and actually determining the action items needed to get the job done!  I will not only provide a new perspective and approach, I will actually assist in identifying and developing solutions that will impact your bottom line quickly and significantly.  Contact me today to learn more.

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