Oradian’s Cloud Technology for Rural Banks

Oradian held the first of many events designed to raise awareness and education regarding Oradian’s Cloud Technology for Rural Banks.  I had the distinct privilege to host a forum at the New World Hotel, Makati, where nearly 30 of the country’s top Rural Banks were present for the event. These visionary leaders traveled far and wide to spend a whole day discussing the topic, “The Cloud: Benefits and Challenges in the Banking System.”

Mr. Melchor Plabasan of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas; Ms. Jovilyn Cotio of Asian Development Bank; Sandy Gilles, Financial and Economic Consultant; Rafael Rivera, Ec0nomic Consultant; and Robert Reyes, General Manager of Turfsite Web Services shared both their insights and expertise on the subject matter. Ms. Gay Santos of the International Finance Corporation also shared her views and upcoming projects revolving around financial inclusion and how this impacts the Rural Banks and the financial sector as a whole. Oradian’s CEO Antonio Separovic, a visionary in his own right, also shared his background, our company’s history, and our vision to impact 100M end-users through our partnerships in the Philippines, Africa, Southeast Asia and beyond.

Oradian’s product, Instafin, is our Core Banking Cloud Technology for Rural Banks. With over 30 partner institutions already subscribed to our SaaS platform and an in-market team growing to over 30 employees, there is no question that we are invested in the success of our partners here in the Philippines.

This event marks the beginning of the movement to cloud for many financial institutions. If you are interested in hearing more or simply educating yourself with the right information about Oradian’s Cloud Technology for Rural Banks, feel free to contact me directly.


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