Why you need a Business Strategy

To be a leader of a company is thrilling beyond belief, but to be a business strategist is a whole different story. It’s a painstaking task that requires more than just managing and delegating responsibilities. It requires business owners to face tough decisions, identify the course that the entire company must take, and formulate solutions – even reinvent themselves – in order to come up with business plans and a framework that works in the long-term.

To understand why a strategy is crucial for business requires you, the business owner, to understand too, the strategist’s job.

What does a business strategist do?

The business strategist’s job is to comprehend and identify what a company or business’ identity should and will be. Further, they’re responsible for knowing why such identity matters and to what target audience exactly.

Strategists know what makes his company different. It’s not enough to say,  “Our company is unique, that’s why you should choose us”. Every company is unique in its own right. Its culture, values, its workforce and methods are distinctive from another company even in the same niche. There’s always a line that separates performing it right and performing the right thing.

Strategy means doing the latter, and it’s up to the strategist to figure out how to make that distinction stand out, primarily to the market he’s targeting, in order to convince and convert.

What value can your company add to the market? To the world? These are questions that business strategists ponder on constantly and must address. It’s not enough to make a difference. Strategists need to make a difference that matters.

Why A Business Strategy Matters

With all that said, the next logical question is, why should a strategy matter? I’d like to compare it to the act of driving a nail into a surface with a hammer.

When you hammer the nail head precisely on the center – the right way, the right pressure and the right focus – that miniscule pointed edge of the nail drives right into the surface perfectly, penetrate anything – wood, metal, plastic, even glass –  and gluing everything together.

A business strategy is the same thing. When you know how to properly nail it and you hit it spot on, everything else follows. It enables employees to have better focus on what issues need to be prioritized and allows you to build a stronger framework even with meager resources.

And just like hitting that surface with a nail – when there’s better focus on the target, you also reduce the amount of resources required like finances, energy and time. Best of all, you hit your target spot – your target market – easily and successfully.

Make A Difference That Matters With The Right Strategy

Your company’s longevity and success relies on the right strategy. Will you entrust such a monumental task to someone who has no experience whatsoever?

As someone who’s been in several businesses as both the owner and the business strategist, I know very well how great strategies play an intrinsic part in keeping businesses alive. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the years in implementing strategies for success, and they worked. Like the nail that hit the perfect spot.

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