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Over the years I developed my own system to generate business.  I often take bits and pieces of this plan and share it with my team. The plan I list below is a jump start plan that helps get you into action right away.  If you are in need of a boost in your business or you feel a bit stagnant, try the simple plan below to get you the LIFT you need.  Hope you find it helpful.

The plan is this:

  1. Increase intensity
  2. Increase urgency
  3. Meet people
  4. Get in the way of opportunity
  5. Always ask for the business
  6. Negotiate deals
  7. Sign contracts

Increase Intensity: When you pick up the intensity the office feels it.  It’s like playing a big game and your team is down and out. Someone on the team needs to do something to create momentum.  It’s like dropping a rock in a calm pool of water.  The ripple affect can start from you.  Focus on positive intensity.  One that gets you up and off your toosh excited to get things done!

Increase Urgency:  We are often plagued by no sense of urgency.  I am constantly teaching our team to set deadlines — > Create goals. Without something to look forward to or a deadline to meet we tend to just let things pass till tomorrow.  Set a goal, commit to it and you will create the urgency to get things done.  Commitment means doing WHATEVER IT TAKES; NO EXCEPTIONS, NO EXCUSES.

Meet People:  Don’t be a secret sales agent.  If you don’t get out there and meet people, you won’t get business.  People get in business with people they like and feel comfortable with.  So meet people doing what you love to do.  Live your life and make it a business and priority to always meet people wherever you may be. You will be surprised where you find opportunities to do business.  Just open your eyes and be ready for it.

Get in the Way of Opportunity:  This just reiterates one of our beliefs… OPPORTUNITIES ARE NEVER LOST, SOMEONE ALWAYS PICKS UP THE ONES YOU MISSED.  They’re like falling stars.  In the bright lights of the city it might be hard to notice the stars falling from the sky.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  Make your way up to the mountains away from the city lights and there you will see more than you can imagine.  You need to develop the skill to seek out these opportunities.  By asking the right questions, finding the right time to introduce your business, is sometimes all it takes.  Be an opportunity magnet and you will never run out of business!

 Always ask for the Business: Many people are great networkers.  Some are just people magnets.  The difference between those who are successful and those who just seem to miss it by an inch is the fact that they have not mastered this very concept.  Just remember this, THOSE WHO ASK–>GET.  So don’t sit idly while your competitor is out there asking for business.  There is more than enough business for everyone, but only those who dare to ask for it will get more than their share.

Negotiate Deals:  If you think sales is just about acquiring leads and presenting to customers, then you are missing the most crucial part.  Closing deals has to do with your ability to negotiate with your prospects.  You need to know when it’s time to step out of presentation mode and move into negotiation mode.  Negotiations is an art form, where you are able to bring together opposing or proposing sides to a common and mutually beneficial agreement.   This requires a deep and thorough understanding of what you offer and knowing how far you can go to make things work, for the client and for our company.  Negotiation requires strong closing skills, closing skills includes: understanding your numbers, your pricing, your product, your values and your benefits.  To be a master of your craft you must master negotiations.

Sign Contracts:  No deal or negotiations is EVER final until they sign the dotted line.  This is your celebratory step! Your, “the drinks are on me!” cue~  everything must result into SIGNED CONTRACTS.  Don’t count eggs until this is done.  When you are asked what you have to close this week or month, it means THIS.  How many contracts will you sign this month?

Write these 7 steps down and place them in front of your computer.  It will be a constant reminder for you to stop making excuses and start causing action that will result into new business.

One last advise, never stop planting seeds and always be open to any opportunity no matter what size… sometimes the little deals are BIG DEALS in disguise!  =)

Feel free to comment, I would love to know what you think.

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