Greater Opportunities are Cleverly Disguised as Challenges

Greater opportunities are sometimes cleverly disguised as challenges. This isn’t just a catchy phrase from a motivational poster – it’s the reality I live in.

Nearly one year ago, I faced a tough decision to step down as COO of 9DotStrategies – a web development company which my partner and I established in 2010. That was one of the most challenging times in my professional life because it felt like I was giving up. Not just on my hopes for the company or all the effort I put into it but on all the people who were working very hard to make 9Dot a success. Nonetheless, I could no longer postpone a difficult personal decision.

With my resolve firmly in place, I began to discreetly reach out to my network to find out about new opportunities. Within the first few months I realized that an employment search at my age and with my experience had its unique set of challenges. Yet I refused to be discouraged. Instead, I held on to my belief that there was something better for me. All I had to do was wait patiently for that ideal opportunity to present itself.

Then it happened… Out of the blue, my sister’s college friend, Julius Paras, reached out to her. He let her know he was moving back to the Philippines to work for a local tech start-up. With high hopes, I sent Julius an email introducing myself and inquiring if his new company could use someone with my sales and marketing experience. In his response, Julius let me know that he was actively hiring for his sales team. How about that for perfect timing?

From this chance connection, I was offered a leadership role within the sales team at Kalibrr. I accepted the offer with great anticipation and appreciation.  Since April 2016, I’ve been with Kalibrr; enjoying the different ways my new position pushes me to be better than I was before. Sure there are times I find myself needing to re-demonstrate my abilities to lead and add value to my new company, my team, and our customers. Yet the professional growth and experiences I gain makes it all worthwhile.

Within my first nine months with Kalibrr, I lead my sales team to achieve historical sales revenue growth on a month-after-month basis. And then today, nearly one year later, I am pleased to share that I’ve been officially promoted to Head of Country Sales, Philippines.  Let my story be true evidence that greater opportunities are cleverly disguised as challenges.

I want to personally thank Julius Paras for believing in me and for giving this “old dog” a fresh new start and a chance to make “the difference.” I would also like to thank Paul Rivera and Dexter Ligot. I support your grand vision that our superior product, along with the phenomenally talented people behind it, is the very thing that makes Kalibrr the company it is today! I am excited for what 2017 has in store for us. Here’s to making history!

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