Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner

Finding the best fit for you company when it comes to choosing an outsourcing partner can be a challenging task.  Not knowing their corporate culture or their business philosophy may not be an initial factor when seeking fulfillment of a particular requirement or need, but can soon raise concerns or issues as the relationship progresses.  A true test of a company’s service becomes apparent when an expectation isn’t met and the client is not happy with the current results.  How will the provider respond?  Will they be accommodating, will they simply redirect blame, or worse, become unresponsive?

A partnership that requires not only a mutual benefit in terms of revenue earnings, but also and more importantly, one where you know you can rely on each other to fulfill the agreed upon obligations.  As a provider, to do whatever it takes, within reason, to remedy the issues at hand to ensure that your partner’s clients are the least affected.  As the partner, to know that things do go wrong, however, if understanding to nature of the business, most issues can be resolved.

Knowing that your outsource partner’s corporate culture matches your own is a key indicator for long-term business success.  What they believe and what they hold as the highest value indicates how they will perform during times of pressure or missed expectations.  They should mirror your methods of resolving issues so that conflicts can be addressed quickly and without unnecessary delays.

Many prospective partners may not offer this information upfront so I recommend to ask for it when you are actively searching for the right outsourcing partner.  Ask for their Mission and Vision, and if they have it, for Values, Beliefs and Perspectives.  Here at 9DotStrategies your outsourcing partner of choice, we openly share our MVVBP.  Here it is:


Improving the way you win in business


To be the provider of choice for turn-key web and software development, marketing communications, digital marketing, business process solutions, and information technology systems


  • God and family first, then business;
  • We believe that our clients should be treated like partners;
  • We believe that who you decide to be in business with really does matter;
  • We believe profit matters;
  • We believe in protecting our reputation at all cost;
  • We believe in consulting our clients not selling to them;
  • We believe that long-term business relationships requires an investment


At 9DotStrategies, we proudly and fondly refer to our beliefs as our GOLDEN Rules. They are how we grow our relationships among ourselves.

G   God – always comes first
O   Opportunity – seek it
L    Leadership – embrace the journey
D    Dreams – thoughts before things
E    Extraordinary – beyond status quo
N    Now – power of urgency


9DotStrategies thinks like an investor, acts like a consultant and focuses all its activities towards improving the way our clients win in business.


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