6 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Business

If you ever felt that your business needed general or specialized skills but expending money, time and effort on recruitment seems impractical, then it might be time for business outsourcing.

Put simply, outsourcing is the delegation of company processes to local agencies – be it simple, general skills such as customer service or more specialized ones like web design.

Generally, businesses choose outsourcing to recruiting in-house professionals because it’s cheaper and it frees companies of functions that they would normally have to recruit and train internal employees for. This allows them to instead focus on other things that contribute to their success.

What other benefits does business outsourcing create for businesses?

1.    Refocuses and strengthens a company’s core competencies
By delegating time-exhaustive, non-specialty tasks to third party providers, companies are able to focus on their core strengths and processes.

2.    Gives companies the ability to access exceptional expertise and skills in specialized areas
Business outsourcing lends companies the power to tap into a wide range of specialty skills requisite to business processes and success. Commonly, these skills include IT and web design, customer support, recruitment, logistics and content creation, among others.

3.    Increases productivity and gives better-quality outcomes
Often, the agencies that companies outsource to have better capability to handle the skills needed to perform a task. Not only do they have the highly experienced manpower to handle it, but they also have the necessary equipment and technical know-how for it. This results to swifter, more efficient and higher-quality results while improving in-house productivity.

4.    Reduced cost of operations
Speaking of equipment, business outsourcing also saves companies a lot in that they don’t have buy additional desks, computers, and other devices needed for specialized labor.

In a normal office scenario where recruitment is the option, businesses would have to source candidates, screen and train them, which cost a lot of money.  Business outsourcing presents a more economical alternative. No longer do companies need to spend on recruitment and training, nor wait and see if a hired candidate performs well.

Outsourced labor is there when you need it, and you have professionals who are highly skilled to save you the performance-based issues.

5.    Allows companies to allocate resources for other important matters
Because you are not using up resources – time, money, teams and energy – on those outsourced skills, you’re also essentially allocating those resources to other important aspects of business. Instead of sourcing and recruitment, your staff can focus on building strategies. You can also use the savings for other business needs that require funding.

6.    Reduces risk
Risks greatly affect the output of any project or process. By distributing the workload to an agency that’s capable of fulfilling the responsibilities, you can effectively lessen unforeseen risks such as poor performance, resignation, employee dissatisfaction and others. As specialists, external providers can analyze and lessen risks more efficiently.

In a nutshell, what outsourcing does is to shift the huge task and burden of functions that may not be available in-house or are difficult to do while allowing companies to concentrate on their competency, increase their productivity and maximize their potentials.

As a company that specializes in business outsourcing, strategic planning and consultancy, 9Dot Strategies is well-equipped to handle and manage your outsourcing needs so that you can gain better benefits for your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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